Why use SMS?

SMS messages are the modern way of keeping in touch with your client base. Cheaper than a phone call or letter, messages reach your customer instantly and personally.

Email may wait weeks before it is read by your customers, and increased reliance of spam filters makes email more unreliable than ever.

Start communicating with your customers on a whole new level today!

pointer20.06.10 - System Update
Added filtering capabilities to default Address Book View.
The Grooming Room, Specialist in mens hair care, utilise SMSAlertz to remind customers about upcoming appointments
SMSAlertz launches new site.
What is SMSAlertz?

SMSAlertz is an online solution for sending SMS messages. We provide an address book to store your contacts' details, and group them for convenient mass messaging. This service is ideal for:

  • Personal use - conveniently messaging your friends and family
  • Sending appointment notifications and reminders
  • Informing customers of new products and coming events
  • Providing customers with special deals and discounts
  • Reminding customers of unpaid invoices
  • Keeping a mobile sales force up to date